The Most Common Garage Door Accidents

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Most common garage door accidents

Accidents can happen anywhere, the location doesn’t matter. So even if you’re at home, there’s still a chance that an accident can happen to you if you’re not too careful. And it can certainly happen anywhere and be caused by anything at home – like garage door accidents, for instance.

The garage is one of the busiest parts of your home and the garage door is used extensively. If members of your family go out every day for work, study, or any other reason, then you can expect your garage door to be quite busy. In fact, there has been an increase in garage door accidents in recent years. As many as 30,000 garage door accidents annually. 

With such a high number of incidents, it’s easy to see that garage doors are among the most dangerous parts of the home. In spite of the danger that it poses, people tend to overlook it or some are simply unaware, especially the little kids who are the most vulnerable.

Since garage door accidents are getting more common, it’s only right that people become more aware of them. You can educate yourself about the risks and therefore make your home – and specifically your garage – safer for everyone in your household. 

So what are some of the most common garage door accidents? The shortlist below provides some of the most common ones:


The garage door lowering onto and crushing someone is one of the common garage door accidents. Unfortunately, the most common victims of this particular accident are little kids. 

Children are more vulnerable than adults to this kind of accident because they can’t react as quickly to the lowering garage door. They’re usually not as aware when it comes to the coming danger of a closing garage door and that makes them very vulnerable.

To help stop or at least minimize the danger, a lot of garage doors today are equipped with automatic sensors. It helps detect if there is an individual or an object in the path of a lowering garage door.


Getting locked inside the garage might not seem as dangerous as other potential accidents, but it’s still not something that anyone would like to experience. This issue usually stems from problems with the garage door’s springs.

The springs are among the key components of garage doors. It’s vital to the door’s smooth operation and any issue with it could affect how it operates. Springs are responsible for raising and lowering the garage door so it’s always engaged when the door is operating.

If the springs start having problems, like rusting, loosening, or cracking, it could potentially lock a person inside the garage because it wouldn’t work properly. In order to avoid this problem and potential accident, make sure that your garage door spring is inspected and maintained regularly. If needed, it should be replaced with a new one right away.


The garage door can also pinch a person’s fingers and that’s one accident nobody wants to experience. This is also one of the most common garage door accidents and children are again the usual victims.

Since kids are the common victims of this accident, the best way to avoid it is to educate them about the potential dangers of the garage door. Of course, adults also need to be educated and reminded of those dangers. Don’t go near the garage door when it’s in motion so there’s no chance for pinching or any kind of accident to happen. Visit door and gate domination

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